Episode 31: Aliens & Pirates in Magic Kingdom – Walt Disney World

Episode 31: Aliens & Pirates in Magic Kingdom – Walt Disney World

It is lunchtime and we are starving!  

Well, all hungry but can’t decide on what to eat…  Jason wants one of the Casey’s Corner famous footlongs so we head in their first, but the boys have different ideas and I take them over to Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café.  This place has always been a go-to spot for lunch for our family ever since the kids were little.  Food on trays we head into the main room hoping to snag a table to view some entertainment along with our meal… and we were lucky and were able to get one very close to our favorite alien at the Magic Kingdom… Sonny Eclipse.  There is something heartwarming about a funny looking alien singing lounge music, we just love it!  

So onto the food… one thing we have all learned is that quick service meals at Disney can be hit or miss.  While some are great some are just mediocre.  So I was very pleasantly surprised when I ordered the pulled pork sandwich… it was so good!!!  The boys had burgers and we had enough fries to feed a small army and along with the chocolate cakes, it is needless to say that we all almost slipped into a food coma!  So much so that we actually left our backpack sitting at the table and were all the way to the castle before we realized it!

In search of a water ride…

We watched a bit of the Move It Shake It dance party/parade as we made our way over to Frontierland as we had FastPasses for Splash Mountain.  Well… unlucky for us, but luckily for Colby, because he didn’t want to ride, Splash Mountain was down.  So we decided for a nice relaxing turn around the park on the Walt Disney World Railroad.  This is always nice as it allows you to sit and rest for a while and there is always a cool breeze from the train’s movements.  When we made the full circuit of the park back to Frontierland, Splash was still down (Colby did a cheer).

We decided to use our FastPasses on Pirates of the Caribbean instead.  Hey, it’s a water ride too and there is a drop…  POTC is one of our family favorites!  We even dressed as pirates to ride earlier in this trip!  My favorite parts are when the wall of fog is in front of you and one of the villains is telling you to beware and your boat moves right through it and he disappears around you and off to the right the pirate skeleton that is driving the ship being beaten back by the wind and rain.  Both of those scenes give me chills.

At this point, we decided we all needed a break and instead of another ride in the Magic Kingdom, we opted for a ride on the bus back to Port Orleans Riverside for a rest…  

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