CRUISE LIFE: Formal Night on the Carnival Dream

CRUISE LIFE: Formal Night on the Carnival Dream

What a beautiful family!

It’s time for a formal night!   Or as it is now called… Cruise Elegant Night.  Believe it or night, our kids love to get dressed up on the ship… not at home but on the ship, it is something special!  Once we are all dressed up we head down to Promenade to see what all is going on…  This is the area of the ship that comes alive at night.  During the day most people are on Lido deck around the pool and the buffet but in the evenings it is Promenade.  Our first stop is the Taste Bar where tonight they are severing Nona’s Italian Meatballs with bruschetta and ricotta cheese, these meatballs are amazing!  I remembered them from last year… so good!  There was some live music playing and we sat and enjoyed the atmosphere until it was closer to time for dinner.  When you have your entire family dressed to the nines, you should always record the moment with a photo.  And that is not a problem on a cruise as there are photos op stations all over.  We picked a background we like that had a not-so-long line and took some beautiful family photos.


On to dinner!  

What everyone loves about formal night is that this is lobster and prime rib night 🙂  And yes, you can get two entrees so you don’t have to choose between them.  We started out with cheese plates for the table and it was so funny to watch the kids descend on the cheese like they hadn’t eaten all day!  Luckily our amazing wait staff saw this and brought us an extra.  Here is a tip, the cheese plate is technically on the dessert menu, but you can ask for it with your bread service and it is so perfect with the warm bread!

For appetizers w, like to be brave and try things we have never had before.  There is always a ‘rare find’ that is something unusual that several of the kids like to try.  I had the Italian Wedding Soup which was fantastic and the small meatballs were very similar to Nona’s meatballs at the Taste Bar… one of the best appetizers I had on the cruise!  As we have a spoon-on-the-nose tradition, our family also has a lemon challenge tradition.  The kids, and sometimes the adults too, place a lemon wedge in their mouth and bite down to release all the juice, this also makes a ‘lemon smile’ over your mouth… it’s so funny to see everyone’s expressions!  Almost everyone at the table ordered the lobster and Cameron started something last year that has spread to the rest of the kids… the lobstercicle!  These are small lobsters so he determined the best way to eat it is to pull the entire tail out stick it on a fork and dip it in the butter…  and the lobstercicle was born!

It’s ShoooowwwwTime!

The formal night would not be complete without SHOW TIME!  We were talking and we hear over the speaker a shushed whisper that goes into shhhhhhowww time and we know what is about to happen!  Grab your napkin and twirl it high above your head and sing along… and dance along if you wish… with the wait staff as they done wild wigs and bright red, white and blue shirts and sometimes even light up glasses and jump up on the podiums and stairs to perform fun songs… but ALWAYS Celebrate good times, come on!

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