CRUISE LIFE: CLUE: Murder Mystery on Carnival Dream

CRUISE LIFE: CLUE: Murder Mystery on Carnival Dream

Having seen the press release when Carnival first released Clue: Murder Mystery on their ships, I was extremely excited to see this in person and play along! We were already in the theater as we wanted to see both shows that night and we held on to our front row seats. We were given a folder with the details of how the game is played and who the suspects are. Your job as a detective is to figure out where everyone was at the time of the murder and if they have an alibi… Beyond this evening, there will be clue reveals each day of the cruise and you have to check your FunTimes as to when and where you go to gather the clues. So the twist of this game is that the murder occurred on a cruise ship and all of the characters have been slightly modified as such.

Getting to know the suspects

Prior to the show presentation, the six suspects wander the theater interacting with guests. Mrs. White dressed in full maid costume was going around dusting everyone… by the way, Mrs. White was played by a man which ended up being hilarious. Colonel Mustard kept playing with his mustache and pulling up his pants, which were forever falling down. Mr. Green was very friendly and sat down and carried on a long conversation with several kids near us with his feet propped up on the stage. Professor Plum walked around with his hands in his pockets, eyes wandering the room, looking very mysterious. Ms. Scarlett flounced around flirting with everyone. And Mrs. Peacock was bossing everyone around. We had a fun interaction with Mrs. White, who was Mr. Boddy’s cabin steward who came with his, I mean her, feather duster to clean my camera.

Mr. Boddy is murdered

The lights go dark and a screen lights up where we see Mr. Boddy stumbling around the cruise ship and he appears to be injured… He slumps on a railing and the screen goes to black. The next thing we see is him dead on the floor being dragged off camera! Then all that remains is a chalk outline… The captain comes on the screen and asks us all for his help solving this heinous crime. The six suspects are standing on stage, each with a weapon in their hand, looking very guilty. Once the rules are explained by the captain, Mr. Boddy walks out onstage, takes a pose and promptly falls over dead. We had a great view of his death as we were in the front row!

This show was delivered in a very humorous way by Officer Billy Ocean aka the cruise director, Chris the Flying Scotsman. He is all decked out in sailing whites, hat and all and speaking in a strong accent reminiscent of Sean Connery. He tells us that Mr. Boddy was on the cruise ship because he always wanted to be a cruise ship’s captain and was a world class sailor. He was learning the ropes from the team who were all now suspects. “He was loved by many but hated by a few.”

Now for the details…

• Mr. Boddy was last seen leaving the nightclub at 11:00 pm and his body was found at midnight giving us our murder time frame.
• Ms. Scarlett swears she didn’t do it! She worked with Mr. Boddy as a member of his crew for the last three years. She was promised that when he became a captain, she would be his first mate. But instead, he fired her… She followed him on this cruise so she could let him have it. She is an expert in knot tying and has a rope in her hand. She was alone on the Lido deck at the time of the murder.
• Mr. Green is the financial officer on board and he is passionate about the color green…. Especially money. He even organizes crew only ‘special’ bingo games. Mr. Boddy came to one of these games and lost a lot of money… so he sold Mr. Green out to the captain and these games were no more. He was ruined! He is also passionate about conservation and held all of his bingo sessions by candlelight. He was on stage with the candlestick. Mr. Green was in the library at the time of the murder.
• Professor Plum is an educated scholar and gentleman so could not have committed this simple crime. Mr. Boddy borrowed his laptop and deleted a training video he had created to be used by the entire Carnival fleet… but he does not hold grudges. He insists that he can fix things and a wrench was found on his desk the night of the murder. He was in the training center at the time of the murder.
• Colonel Mustard is the security officer on board and it was his first time ever on a ship. He takes his job very seriously… he takes everything very seriously. Mr. Boddy wanted to change all of the protocols he had put in place when he became captain! Being the head of security he had access to a revolver which was found to be missing the night of the murder. He was in the security office at the time of the murder.
• Mrs. White is Mr. Boddy’s cabin steward. She said he was very dirty and one night she found documents and plans to get rid of the warm chocolate melting cake removed from the dining room. When he found her, he threatened to fire her… which was not a very good idea as ‘no one threatens me’ and she loves the chocolate melting cake. She is the only one with access to his room and when it was searched a pipe was found missing from the sink. She/he was on Promenade deck at the time of the murder.
• Mrs. Peacock is very English and she lives a fabulous life because she lives in a suite on cruise ships! Her husband was the original designer of Carnival cruise ships so he made sure she always had the best cabin no matter which ship she decided to sail on. Well, that is until Mr. Boddy came along… he said she did not deserve it and convicted Carnival to remove her privileges. She collects expensive knives and had just bought one that day in Cozumel which was found missing the night of the murder. She was alone in her cabin at the time of the murder.

Murder plus comedy???

This was delivered making everyone laugh. No one could understand Officer Ocean when he said ‘murdered’ because his accent was so thick. Each of the suspects interacts with the body and moves and poses him… and even takes selfies with him! Mrs. White was hilarious as she told Jason he was very dirty indeed and proceeded to dust the body is a position where his/her open skirt was directly above Mr. Boddy’s head… It was great fun and I was looking forward to getting the clues and solving the murder of Mr. Boddy!

Official info from Carnival:

“You know the story — Mr. Boddy has been murdered and it’s up to you to figure out whodunit. Classic CLUE… except this time there’s a seafaring twist: the gameboard is your ship and the suspects have come to life. Yikes! Fortunately, you and your fellow cruisers — along with the good Officer Ocean — are all on the case. Grab your free CLUE Case File to get started. That’s how it starts, but the story unfolds as you cruise — visit scheduled events around the ship to collect clues. So… who (do you think) dunit? Was it Professor Plum in the Library with the wrench? Colonel Mustard on Lido Deck with the candlestick? Miss Scarlet on the Promenade with the wrench? Your ship’s captain is offering a unique reward for the answer, so crack the case (you know… who, what and where) and you’re in the running for the big prize. Game on, sleuths!”

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  1. I love the game Clue, so this is right up my alley! I haven’t cruised Carnival yet, so will definitely have to give it a try.

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