CRUISE LIFE: Relaxing Poolside & Fantastic Comedy/Magic Show on Carnival Dream

CRUISE LIFE: Relaxing Poolside & Fantastic Comedy/Magic Show on Carnival Dream

Sometimes you need to just sit back and relax… After an early rise and a full day in port in Cozumel this is exactly what we needed. What better way to relax than to take a shower to get all of the sand off of you – that sand sure does get in places it shouldn’t be in – grab a bite eat and sit in the shade by the pool and feel the cool Caribbean breeze blowing on your face. It had been a beautiful day but the clouds were gathering as a storm was rolling in. So we were able to take advantage of having a cloudy sky and a cool breeze.

The BEST burger in the world!

My snack of choice was a juicy burger from Guy’s Burger Joint. I am not kidding when I say that this is one of the BEST burgers anywhere. They are smashed on the flat top grill and a blob of cheddar cheese is added which somehow melts perfectly over the patty. The cooks also add butter to the buns and place them on the same grill which makes the bun soft and locks in the flavor from the juices in the meat. Are you getting hungry??? I am not finished yet… The fries. These are double fried French fries. They fry them and pull them out to partially cool and then fry them a second time before adding the seasoning. These are so good that sometimes we will just go get a plate of fries to snack on! Once you have burger and fries in hand, you head over to the toppings bar. What is special about this is how thin everything is sliced. Shaved lettuce, thinly sliced tomatoes, and paper them pickles plus onions (grilled or raw), mushrooms, etc. To top it off you can go with the basic mayo, mustard or ketchup of you could try one of Guy’s signature sauces. Our favorite is the donkey sauce.

Uh oh, a storm is coming…

As the sky became darker, we decided to move under shelter. You know a storm is coming when they pull up all of the shade umbrellas around the pool. One deck up are some nice and comfy outdoor sofas and there was actually one available… We are not usually lucky enough to snag one of these since they are so comfortable that people do not usually leave them! This is the perfect spot to people watch or see a Dive-In Movie. I laid back and rested my head on the armrest and placed my feet in Jason’s lap… Not a bad way to spend an afternoon. Now Jason decides to do something he had not done in years… he smoked a cigar. This super comfy seating just happened to be in one of the smoking areas on board and he had procured himself a ‘Cuban’ cigar in Cozumel so he figured why not. He thoroughly enjoyed it but promised not to make it a habit.

We were too relaxed to move for a while and decided to forgo the dining room. Since we had just had a burger, we weren’t hungry enough to eat again anyway. We determined that we could eat at the deli after the two shows we planned on seeing that evening.

Still in a relaxed mode, we moved indoors to the lobby as we awaited the theater to open. Here they had a very talented guy playing the steel pans and we stayed and listened to him for quite a while… cold drink in hand.

The funniest show I have EVER seen!

As the time for the first show to begin, we worked our way to the front among everyone playing bingo. Once the bingo game was over we were able to snag the front row, which we absolutely love! This guy was amazing!!! His name was Rich Pupera and he had us laughing the entire time! This was billed as a comedy/magic show so we were not sure what to expect. He played this perfect… until the kids who were his assistants messed up his ‘trick’ cards which got a huge laugh from the audience. There was a lot of audience interaction and being in the front our family was included. We had three teenage boys with us and he singled them out and began to pick on them for being from Louisiana, but they loved it! My nephew, Hayden, was chosen in a trick as well and he absolutely loved the attention. I really can’t even begin to describe how amazing this show was… but luckily my camera was running and I have all of the jokes and tricks and laughs saved forever!

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    1. This was such a fantastic cruise! The Dream is a beautiful ship and we had the BEST cruise director ever! Have you sailed with Chris the Flying Scotsman? Yes, those Guy’s burgers are incredible… I got really hungry writing this post 🙂

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