Cruise Tag! 25 Questions – What We LOVE About Cruising!

Cruise Tag! 25 Questions – What We LOVE About Cruising!

We decided to have some fun this week and answer some questions about what we love about cruising!!!

Cruise Tag Questions:
1. How may cruises have you been on?
2. When was your first cruise? What ship and where did you go?
3. What time of year do you like to cruise best?
4. How long do you like to cruise? (short 3-5 days, medium 6-8 or long 9+)
5. What is your favorite activity onboard?
6. What is an onboard activity you have never done, but would like to try?
7. Do you prefer the dining room or buffet?
8. Do you eat in the extra cost specialty restaurants?
9. Do you like formal nights?
10. What is the best food you have had on a cruise?
11.  Do you get sea sick? If so, what do you do to prevent it?
12.  What is one thing you must pack for a cruise?
13.  Do you swim in the pools?  Play on the slides?
14.  Do you play in the casino?
15.  Do you stay in touch while on a cruise or turn your phone off?
16.  Do you prefer the front, middle or back of the ship?
17.  Do you prefer interior or balcony staterooms?
18.  What is your favorite cruise line?
19.  What is your favorite port to visit on a cruise?
20.  What is your favorite port activity/shore excursion?
21.  What are your thoughts on all-inclusive resorts?
22.  What is your best cruise experience?
23.  Have you had a bad cruise experience? If so, what happened?
24.  When was the last time you cruised? What was the name of the ship & where did you go?
25.  Do you have your next cruise planned? If so, when and where?

We also tagged some friends: JEM Sessionz, MrCoaster, Jones Family Travels & Spoon Full of Sugar.  And YOU!  Anyone else who wants to film a cruise tag video, please do and let us know!

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