Episode 17: Dinner at Teppan Edo + Review – Walt Disney World – September 2016

Episode 17: Dinner at Teppan Edo + Review – Walt Disney World – September 2016

We finally make it to once of the culinary destinations we have been wanting to try in Epcot and that is Teppan Edo!  But first a little exploring a bit around the Japan Pavilion including the incredible drum show Matsuriza.

Now for the good stuff… food!  Here is our review of Teppan Edo: we loved it!  We had never done hibachi before as a family and I know you can get the show at other restaurants, but we were really impressed with not only the showmanship of our chef but the quality of the food.  And there is so much!  You start with a salad, now we had never eaten salad with chopsticks before, so that was interesting.  The dressing was different as well, I think there was a hint of ginger in it, but was good.  Next is the jasmine rice bowl which came with mixed reviews… two of us loved this and the other three did not. Now it is different than the rice we are used to and I think that is where some of the dislike came from.

For the main event, the chef brings vegetables including zucchini, onion and spinach along with noodles.  One thing we were really looking forward to was the onion volcano!  The chef takes rings of onion and stacks them from large to small making a volcano shape which is then filled with liquid and when it is moved over the really hot surface steam begins to erupt like a… you guessed it… a volcano, which is pretty impressive!

And then comes the meat… shrimp, chicken, steak and fillet.  The aromas that fill the room when the meat hits that extremely hot grill… yum! We desperately need that crazy sharp knife that cut through the steak like it was butter!  When the food is separated out for each of the 8 people at the table we dug right in.  The portions were huge and very filling.  Since we had the Disney Dining Plan we had dessert even though we were in no way still hungry.  The desserts came to fixed reviews as well but I thought mine was good.

Tummies full we leave the restaurant to continue exploring World Showcase only to discover a storm was rolling in.  With thunder and lightning around and rain looming near, we decided to call it a day and headed back to the resort.

Join us next time as we leisurely explore Port Orleans Riverside resort.

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