Episode 18: Exploring Port Orleans Riverside Resort – Walt Disney World – September 2016

Episode 18: Exploring Port Orleans Riverside Resort – Walt Disney World – September 2016

Today is our day off from the parks and we are spending the day exploring Port Orleans Riverside and the evening over at Disney Springs.  First stop is the Riverside Mill Food Court for some breakfast.  Let me say that these bounty platters are HUGE!  And delicious!  After getting  full bellies, we began walking it off…  First stop is the Fulton General Store to decide what goodies we need to buy before our trip is over.  You could really get in trouble in here as the store has a little bit of everything!  I (Alisa) found a couple of coffee/tea mugs that we just HAD to add to our collection.  I also had to get some replacement sunglasses since my sweet little boys broke mine…  Speaking of said sweet boys, Cameron & Colby decided that they just must have a pair of giant yellow Mickey Mouse slippers (and yes they got them).

We took a walk through the arcade, which is huge and awesome!  But we decided to for go the games here since we plan on spending some time at Disney Quest later in the day.

After studying the layout of the resorts on the ‘You Are Here’ map, we head off towards Magnolia Bend.  But the surrey bikes catch our eye and we contemplate a nice relaxing ride.  However after determining it would cost $42 for a 30 minute rental (we needed two bikes), we decided not to.

The resort is divided into two distinctly different areas which both have Southern charm but separate character.  Magnolia Bend is four buildings that are designed like old plantation homes you would find in the Garden District of New Orleans.  From the front they look like one massive mansion house but if you look closely, they are broken into three floors of rooms – this is where the Royal Rooms are.  These four buildings are named Acadian House, Magnolia Terrace, Oak Manor and Parterre Place.  The landscaping is also different in this area with large oak trees and mature Crepe Myrtle trees.  It’s really beautiful and feels like home.

The rest of the resort is called Alligator Bayou and the buildings are neutral and subdued in nature.  But that does not mean the area lacks beauty or character.  This area has 16 buildings broken into three sections, with a smaller ‘quiet’ pool, each building has two floors.  The feel of this area is the rural bayous all over the South.  The landscaping here is think and lush with large overgrown plants and lots of shade.  This area has rooms that sleep five with a fold down Murphy bed.  We were in building 16 which was in the first grouping a a quick walk to the main buildings and the bus stop.  It was our home for eight days and it really felt like a second home!

Come back next week as we spend the day at Ol’ Man Island poolside!

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