Episode 19: Pool Time at Port Orleans Riverside – Walt Disney World – September 2016

Episode 19: Pool Time at Port Orleans Riverside – Walt Disney World – September 2016

Sometimes you need to just take a break from all the running around the parks and spend a few hours swimming and hanging out with your family at the resort pool. That is exactly what we decided to do! We went for a nice walk around Port Orleans Riverside before changing into our swim suits and heading over to Ol’ Man Island for some cool water in the pool, some shade trees, a beautiful view… oh and did I mention the 95 foot long water slide??? At the center of the resort, on a sprawling 3.5 acres, lies the main swimming and recreation area know as Ol’ Man Island which includes the main swimming pool for Port Orleans Riverside, a playground and even a fishing hole. Muddy Rivers is the local watering spot for drinks and snacks poolside and there is also a kiddy pool and hot tub in this area. Being the fun hub of the resort you can find daily pool parties in the afternoon and a campfire and movies in the evenings.

We seemed to have picked a really good time to visit the pool as there were very few people there! Note to self… Tuesday afternoon in the middle of September is a great time to visit the resort pool! We literally had the pick of spots around the pool and decided on a table on the far side from the entrance under large shade trees… we really needed a break from the sun at this point and the shade was very welcoming! And also lucky for us is this was near the entrance to the waterslide! Our family truly enjoyed this break together playing in the pool. Sometimes it is the simple things that can put a smile on your face. We played, we went down the slide, we dunked each other under the water dumps in the pool… it was great!

On the way out we found a sign that told the story of the area:

“The Legend of Ol’ Man Island”
Settled in 1835 by a young man, the island became his home in the solitude of the bayou country. Years later, as Riverside was settles and prospered, Ol’ Man Island was discovered by the children of the town. They would steal away to play on the island where a wondrous would had been created. The island is a tribute to the Ol’ Man and the happiness he gave the children and all of Riverside’s neighbors.

We enjoyed our time here and decided this is a new family tradition to spend a day at the resort relaxing and having good quality time together.
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