Episode 21: Hanging Out at Disney Springs – Walt Disney World – September 2016

Episode 21: Hanging Out at Disney Springs – Walt Disney World – September 2016

When you need a day at Disney that is a little more laid back than going to the parks, then the best place for you is Disney Springs!  This entertainment district has changed and grown over the years and has just gotten better!  It had been a year since we had been here and so much has changed!  For one is the name, when we were here in 2015 it was Downtown Disney and the transformation into Disney Springs is amazing!  While there is much of this area that is still familiar there are some areas that have seen a complete makeover.  The springs themselves for one are new to the central area and are a nice, peaceful area with beautiful crystal clear blue waters.  We really like this area!

While at Disney Springs there are a few stores that we will always visit.  The first being Pin Traders.  Over the last few years, pin trading has become a family favorite activity so this store is a must stop with the large collection of pins for sell and there are always Castmembers and other fellow pin lovers around for trading.  Second is World of Disney.  Being the largest Disney store in the USA there is something for everyone in this store.  We love how each room is individually decorated and themed and there are huge areas of just what you may be looking for…  you want toys, there’s a room for that… you want little boys clothes, there’s a room for that…  you want something for your kitchen, there’s a room for that…  you want, well you get the picture!  And don’t forget to look up when you are in the store.  The ceilings are also themed with characters.  My favorite is Peter Pan and the Darling family flying across the room.

Our third favorite store is the LEGO Store.  Cameron & Colby have been avid LEGO lovers for years and we probably own over a million bricks…  that is not an exaggeration but a conservative estimate 🙂  There are a few things that make this store so great 1) the wall of multi colored bricks.  Here you can grab a cup and fill it up with the bricks of your choice, there are so many shapes, sizes and colors that if you chose one brick at a time you could be there all day!  2) Build-your-own LEGO Minifigures – this is actually a really good deal at $9.99 for three custom made figures.  There are two stations in the store where you can create the minifigs of your dreams.  You choose a head with hair, body with all kinds of outfits and two accessories.  Do this three times and but them in a cute little display box and you are good to go!  3) The AWESOME HUGE CHARACTERS!!!!  Some of our favorites are Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Buzz & Woody, Hulk and of course the huge sea serpent out in the middle of the lake!  How cool is that???

But there are sooooo many new stores and restaurants and performers that you can easily spend a day at Disney Springs and never run out of things to do!

Join us next time as we visit Disney Quest for the last time EVER!

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