Episode 29: Our LAST Welcome Show at Magic Kingdom – Walt Disney World

Episode 29: Our LAST Welcome Show at Magic Kingdom – Walt Disney World

We had no idea when we got up and made our way oh so early to the park that it would be our last time ever to see the Welcome Show at Magic Kingdom!  Well, actually it was the first and the last time for our boys!!!  But looking back we are so glad that we did this.  To make it in time for the Welcome Show took a bit of effort.  You not only had to make sure that you arrived at the park early enough for rope-drop but add another 30 minutes to that time frame for the show.  But so worth it!  

The excitement of the Morning Show

We loved how the mayor of Main Street came out to greet us and the Citizens of Main Street sing ‘Good Morning’.  By the way, we randomly sing this to each other all of the time so this show will never truly go away for us!  And then it is announced that Mickey and the gang are on their way on the train.  They have a specially chosen family for the day and everyone breaks into ‘Casey Junior coming down the tracks…’  The steam engine comes into sight puffing smoke along the way.  

All faces are on the train station as the characters we know and love pour off the train to wave and smile at us and to welcome everyone for the day to the Magic Kingdom.  Then Mickey Mouse starts the countdown… 10…9… 8…  and we wait and count along until 3… 2… 1… and YAY the park is opened for the day!!!

Off to Tomorrowland!

Now the massive group of people who have gathered for the show squeeze through the two side entrances for the park to make their way down Main Street USA.   So for this reason, I can see the need for a change in the morning show and we are really looking forward to the new show on our next trip… But this will always hold a special place in our hearts!

Once into the park, we made a quick right turn and into Tomorrowland!!!  To see the empty areas of the park is a reason to get up out of the bed and get there early!  We rode Space Mountain three times in a row and then moved to Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin with the high hopes of becoming Galactic Heros.  After two times on the ride, none of us were successful.  Jason got really close and we all had a lot of fun trying!  

After all of this excitement, it was time for a nice relaxing turn on the People Mover which is one of our family’s absolute favorite rides at Walt Disney World. About this time, everyone was hungry and thirsty so we made a stop for Mickey pretzels and water in the shade before continuing our adventure in Fantasyland…

Want to see this story come to life? Here is the video: YouTube EECC Travels – WDW Episode 29


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