Episode 5: Evacuated from Great Movie Ride & Journey of the Little Mermaid – Walt Disney World – September 2016

Episode 5: Evacuated from Great Movie Ride & Journey of the Little Mermaid – Walt Disney World – September 2016

One great thing about Hollywood Studios is the unexpected meet & greets!  Sure there are some set spots for meeting some of your favorite characters, but there are also places where different characters appear throughout the day.  One of these is in front of the Chinese Theater or The Great Movie Ride. We were lucky this time to catch Stitch and Max with no wait!  Max was especially exciting since he is a rare character to find!  We enjoyed meeting these guys while we were waiting for our Fast Pass time on the Great Movie Ride.

We were enjoying the ride as usual, it’s a classic favorite at this park, when all of a sudden we stop in the ‘Tarzan’ room.  The driver is confused but is told to evacuate us…  This was interesting as we had never been evacuated from a ride  before!  So we disembark our trolley car and walk through the set.  It was neat to see Tarzan swing without his sound.  We walked past the scene from Casablanca and the propeller started turning on the plane when we were only about a foot away, that gave us a jump!  The animatronics were moving, but without sound.  So, we were escorted out a back door into the back lot behind the ride and let out a gate which brought us to the end of Pixar Place.  As we walked along, we could see firemen on the roof of the Great Movie Ride, but we never found out what the problem was… mystery…

After a snack break and a run through a few stores, where we came away with the best socks ever – one pair of monorail socks and one pair of Mickey Mouse through the years socks – we headed over to the Journey of the Little Mermaid.  This show never disappoints.  I love how they mix the puppets with the film with the live action. 

Next episode… We will embarrass ourselves at the Frozen Sing-a-long, get some warm hugs from Olaf and see our favorite archeologist, Indiana Jones!

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