LOUISIANA LIFE: Alexandria Winter Fete – Vlogmas Episode #2

LOUISIANA LIFE: Alexandria Winter Fete – Vlogmas Episode #2

We had a great time this year at Alexandria Winter Fete!  It started with Santa Claus being brought in on a fire truck and lighting up downtown.  Atwood’s Bakery had an amazing gingerbread decorating station where we could customize our gingerbread men with icing and candy.  We saw this setup as we were coming in and and jumped in line to do this first thing!  We were lucky enough to be able to have a second round of decorating on our way out as well!

But the biggest event of the Fete was the ice skating!!!  In Louisiana, we don’t have the opportunity to see ice or snow very often, and never get to ice skate!  But our awesome city found a company that could build and power an outdoor rink even when the temperatures were in the 50-60’s – it was incredible!  So our boys got their first chance ever to ice skate!  Colby took to in naturally, now he has a pair of roller skates that he randomly wears around the house so he had a bit of an advantage.  Ethan and Cameron had a lot of fun too!

There were a lot of other fun Christmas events to see and do!  There were elves and characters taking pictures with the kids, live music, great food, arts & crafts booths with great homemade Christmas gifts, the Polar Express train, lots of lights and even snow!!!!  And of course, Santa was there to meet all of the kids.  It was a great family time!!!

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