LOUISIANA LIFE: Our Family’s Christmas Game & Christmas Concert

LOUISIANA LIFE: Our Family’s Christmas Game & Christmas Concert

This week for Vlogmas, we wanted to share our family Christmas game:  Prep – buy 20-25 inexpensive gifts or candy that kids will like (I go to the dollar store for this) and a couple of rolls of saran wrap.  Start with the largest in the middle and wrap a ball of plastic wrap around it and tear it off.  Then pick another toy and wrap that toy and the original ball of plastic wrap together with another long piece of plastic wrap.  Continue this process with all of the items making sure that each toy has its own piece of plastic wrap.  You end up with a giant ball.  This year I took it one step further…  I put the wrapped up ball in a box and put one loose toy in the box as the first prize.  Then sealed the box… and wrapped it in plastic wrap… then in wrapping paper making sure to fully tape every seam and then wrapped a ton of curling ribbon around it to make it extra hard to get into.

Our Family Christmas Game

How to play the game:  Put the kids in a circle and pick a starting point.  The person starting is given a pair of gloves (this makes it harder to get control of the plastic wrap) and the person to the left is given a dice (I couldn’t locate a regular dice this year so borrowed one from our SpongeBob Yatzee game…).  The person with the dice rolls until they roll a 6 (or in this case a SpongeBob) and that is how much time the person with the gloves has to try and unwrap!  Then it all passes around the circle.  Once they get past the box and to the huge ball of plastic wrap, make sure they find the starting point for the piece of plastic wrap and unroll, not try to rip through (I make sure to explain this before they start).  Then as each toy is unwrapped, the person who unwraps it gets to keep it.  It is a lot of fun for about $25 and something our kids look forward to doing!

Cameron & Colby’s Christmas Concert

We also wanted to include one song from Cameron & Colby’s Christmas band concert, ‘White Christmas’. We are so proud of them!  This is their third year in band with Cameron on trumpet and Colby playing Alto Saxophone.  They did a great job!

Want to see the story come to life?  Here is the video:  YouTube EECC Travels – Vlogmas #4

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