Making Disney Pin Shadow Boxes & Our Disney & Music Collections

Making Disney Pin Shadow Boxes & Our Disney & Music Collections

We have been pin trading for several years now and had a bunch of pins that were just sitting in a box when we were not at Disney.  So we finally decided to do something with them.  We went to the store to buy premade shadow boxes, but they were about $15-20 each and we knew we needed at least four.  So I decided, we can make these ourselves!  And after a little thought, it was very easy! We took some picture frames we already had and painted them black (this was only because we wanted them to match the other frames on the same wall) and removed the glass and backing.  We bought black foam board at the dollar store and cut to the right size and replaced instead of the glass. Voila!  DIY shadow boxes! Then just remove the backs off the pins and push them into the foam.

Once we had them complete we rearranged the new ‘Disney’ wall.  Jason’s mom painted this beautiful Sorcerer Mickey Mouse which is the centerpiece and he is surrounded by our new shadow boxes and family photos.  While we are showing this new collection wall, we will share our family’s hobby/collection/music room.  Alisa’s major contribution is the Disney stuff, but also craft supplies and photo and scrapbooks.  Jason is the musician in the family and shares his collection of guitars, amps, etc… Cameron & Colby had to get in on the fun and brought in their Darth Vader and Yoda Star Wars collections to share.  Not in this room, but we also have a fun Disney mug collection and quite a few DVDs.  Hope you enjoy these as much as we do 🙂

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