CRUISE LIFE: Motor City Show & Motown Showdown – Carnival Dream

CRUISE LIFE: Motor City Show & Motown Showdown – Carnival Dream

Who’s ready for a good show?

One of my favorite things to do on a cruise, other than eating, is to watch the great shows in the theater!  Tonight is the Motor City show which features music from Motown!  The pre-show can be a ton of fun too!  The four male performers were dressed like bellhops and were walking around the theater interacting with the passengers and making everyone laugh.  Then they picked a few guys from the audience and taught them to dance… well, Motown style sort of… They were given a Diana Ross & the Supremes makeover with wigs and had us all cracking up and they learned how to stop-in-the-name-of-love and shoop-shoop up on stage!

The show begins with a Heat Wave… literally the song, which was a great way to start.  Followed by a ‘Do You Love Me’ and ‘Come See About Me’ medley with a wardrobe change mid-song and then into ‘Night Shift’ which surprised us all with the props used on stage… all of the performers move to the rear of the stage with hugely lit panels behind them and the stage begins to raise and a curtain comes down in front of them.  It was a really cool effect and I good hear a lot of ‘wows’ around me, including from yours truly!

What. A. Show!

These huge screens are really cool and change with each new song. Next up is ‘I’m Coming Out’ and it was an elegant black and white scene with camera lights flashing and some of the performers walked the red carpet decked out in elegant dresses and the guys in suits and all in fur coats… yes, he rocked that fur coat!  While other of the performers were the paparazzi with huge old school cameras. The rest of the show was equally as good!  Memorable songs that everyone knows and can sing along to fill the show along with outlandish costumes and great singing and dancing!

But after the show is when the fun really started!!!

The Cruise director – Chris ‘The Flying Scotsman’ – told everyone to go to the lobby for the Motown Showdown.  It sounded fun and out we went.  The Playlist Performers were there getting everything started with the DJ playing classic Motown tunes.  The crowd began dancing… but no Chris… Then we notice one of the glass elevators start to descend and the window is blacked out???  Curious???   We can hear Chris starting to slowly sing the beginning of ‘Rolling on the River’ and we figure out he is in the elevator.  As the elevator stops and the song reaches the opening, the black screen is ripped away from the window and he is there all decked out as Tina Turner!  Dress… wig… boots and all!  He comes out on deck 5 and makes his way around to the spiral staircase and shimmies his way down.  This is one of those things you just have to see to believe, but it is also something we will never forget!  He sings and dances his way over near us and sits on Santa’s lap before shimmying some more.  This was hands down one of the best and funniest things I have ever seen in my life!!!

Let the showdown begin!

Chris starts the showdown with the ship split into two teams – The Temptations and The Supremes – where we have to compete against each other by either singing along to a great Motown song (which side can sing the loudest) or a dance off or whatever craziness he comes up with.  This was a ton of fun and has cemented Chris as our favorite cruise director ever!!!

Want to see the story come to life?  Here is the video: CRUISE LIFE DAY 2: PART 4

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