CRUISE LIFE: Sea Day Brunch & Pool Time – Carnival Dream

CRUISE LIFE: Sea Day Brunch & Pool Time – Carnival Dream

Sea Day Brunch is Delicious!

We start our first full day at sea with none other than Sea Day Brunch.  We really enjoy going into the main dining room for a laid-back breakfast where you order from the menu instead of grabbing something off the buffet… and not to mention it’s so good!  What’s so funny is that we were sitting getting ready to order breakfast and were talking about what to have for lunch, you can see where our priorities are… FOOD!  We also plan out the rest of our day as to what everyone wants to do.  Somewhat to just relax in the pool or play on the slides but I want to walk and explore this beautiful ship.  Meanwhile, everyone decides to pick up one of our goofy family traditions to see how long you can hold a spoon stuck to your nose.  It’s always so fun looking around the table to see all of the kids with spoons on their noses.  And the winner this time around was our newest and youngest cruiser, our nephew Jax.  So the food arrives and everyone digs into their pancakes or eggs and bacon or steak & eggs… you get the idea 

Ahhh… Pool time is so relaxing!

After breakfast, we decided to go sit poolside and watch the kids swim and people watch and just relax for a bit.  We grabbed a spot by the main pool and the kids jumped in.  I had fun with the camera taking bursts of photos as the kids jump in and make a big splash, they came out great when put together.  As long as I have shade I can sit out for longer periods and Jason was able to get me a chair with a huge umbrella over it so I was perfect!  We enjoyed it so much that we stayed put for about two hours!!!  We stayed until almost lunchtime when we dragged ourselves out of the chairs and went for a walk to explore the Sports Deck.  This deck has a nice mini-golf course right around the Carnival funnel smokestack as well as a court for half basketball and half volleyball.

Want to see the story come to life?  Here is the video: CRUISE LIFE DAY 2: PART 1 

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