Wanderlust Travel Tag – EECC Travels

Wanderlust Travel Tag – EECC Travels

Wanderlust Travel Tag

Here are the questions for the Wanderlust Tag:
1. Where was your first plane to?
2. Where have you traveled that you would love to visit again?
3. You’re leaving tomorrow, money is no object, where would you go?
4. Preferred method of travel: planes, trains, or cars?
5. Favorite travel website?
6. Where would you travel just to eat food?
7. Is there a place you would never travel again?
8. Can you recite your passport number by memory if asked?
9. Do you prefer the window, the aisle, or the middle seat on an airplane?
10. How do you pass the time on an airplane?

We were tagged by The Magic Geekdom, check out their channel!

We tag Mouse Eared World and ParoDeeJay

Hope you enjoy our answers!

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