Episode 14: Visiting Birds, Fish, Hugs with Friends & BEVERLY!!! – Walt Disney World – September 2016

Episode 14: Visiting Birds, Fish, Hugs with Friends & BEVERLY!!! – Walt Disney World – September 2016

We are still enjoying our day at Epcot… After Soarin’ we decided to stay in the Land Pavilion and ride Living with the Land. This is a very underrated ride that never disappoints and we always seem to learn something we didn’t know before. Next we hop on over to the Seas with Nemo and Friends and have to visit our favorite birds out front… Mine! Mine! Mine! I swear I can’t see a seagull without thinking of these birds! The Nemo ride is beautiful and I love how it ends with the characters being part of the real world aquariums. And of course Big Blue World was stuck in our heads for the next couple of hours. A visit to this building isn’t complete without fully exploring these aquariums. Did you know that when built they were the biggest aquariums in the world? And that Spaceship Earth could fit inside? Pretty interesting facts! We even found a new hidden Mickey that we had never seen before and there were scuba divers in the tanks interacting and feeding the fish. In the gift shop on the way out we got a Mine! Mine! Mine! pressed penny and found a ton of other merchandise with these fun feathered friends. The boys are so funny too, I think they like to say ‘mine’ as much as the birds do!!!

We had a Fast Pass to visit the Character Spot and this was a good choice as the line was pretty long. Meeting Mickey and Friends is always a highlight for us and these interactions is what makes trips to Disney so special. First up was Mickey, my personal favorite, who always gets a kick out of my backpack that is completely covered in Mickey pins. Next was Goofy, who is Jason’s favorite character to meet. He is so funny when he holds up his ear for the pictures. Last in this group was Minnie, who pulled the boys into a big group hug… awe! Every parent loves to see this, especially with three teenage boys who in the real world would not be seen acting this way. But at Disney, everyone can let their inner five year old shine and hug these characters to their hearts content J

What’s up next??? The dreaded BEVERLY… Club Cool is a must stop on any trip to Epcot! Not only is it a stop for free drinks, but it is fun to taste the different colas from around the world. My favorite is the melon!!! But the Beverly… who actually likes this stuff??? The first sip is not so bad you think, and then the after taste hits… ugh! So of course, Jason & I HAD to make the boys all try it. The looks on their faces were priceless, especially Ethan who was so dramatic on his utter displeasure with the taste of this clear unassuming drink. Once we had our fill, it was on to the next adventure…

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