Episode 30: It’s Fantasyland Time!!! – Walt Disney World – September 2016

Episode 30: It’s Fantasyland Time!!! – Walt Disney World – September 2016

What area of Magic Kingdom is the first to come to mind when you think about the park?  For me it is Fantasyland.  We have learned through the years of taking our family to Walt Disney World that your time is best used if you take one land at a time instead of running back and forth through the park.  So once we had done all we wanted to do in Tomorrowland for the day, we headed over to Fantasyland.  

Our first ride in Fantasyland

Our first ride of this area was Goofy’s Barnstormer since there was only a 5-minute wait.  Something else we have learned is to take these 5-minute waits when you can get them because they don’t last long!  We love this family-friendly coaster and have dubbed it the ‘quickest’ coaster we have ever ridden… Not the fastest, but the quickest.  So we decided to time it and from start to finish.  The ride lasts 54 seconds.  But that’s ok, we still love it!

Walking into New Fantasyland still takes me by surprise.  

We had five years where we were unable to go to WDW and when we left in 2010 they were just starting to clear the way for this new area. And when we return in 2015 it is all complete and so different than what we had remembered!  The theming is so beautiful here and we love how each area stands apart but all flows together.  

The Little Mermaid area is a perfect example…  it sits right by Beast’s Castle and the mountain of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and while completely unique it fits perfectly.  The Journey of the Little Mermaid is a beautifully done dark ride that takes you through the entire story of Ariel’s longing for what is beyond, to Sebastian’s trying to convince her to stay ‘Under the Sea’, to her transformation and boat ride with Prince Eric with ‘Kiss the Girl’, to Ursula’s attack and finally the wedding!  This ride is perfect for all ages and even our boys enjoy it.  And if you have some who don’t tell them it’s sometime in the nice cool air conditioning!

It’s time for our ride!

Finally, it was time for our Fast Pass on Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train and we were so excited!  Ethan, Cameron or Colby had never ridden this as there were technical difficulties on our last trip and the ride was down.  Jason & I rode it several times on our trip in January and we knew the boys would love it!  Rides like this is why I absolutely love Fast Passes… There is a posted 90-minute wait and we were on in about 10 minutes!  Fantastic!  

After a quick and very dizzying spin on the Tea Cups, we head to Cinderella Castle for the show.  This was our first time viewing Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire which had recently replaced Dream Along With Mickey.  It was a great show that started off with our favorite Fab Five and their friends but then it was broken into smaller acts.  

The first being Princess and the Frog with Tianna and Naveen and even Louis with his trumpet and they sang some of our favorites from the movie… being from Louisiana, we are a bit partial to this story!  Next up was Rapunzel and Flynn and their band of hooligans from the Snuggly Duckling and the final act was Frozen.  First Olaf comes out and then brings Anna and Elsa and of course, we end with Let It Go and really cool ‘snow’ coming from Elsa.  All in all, it was a great show!

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